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The big challenge

Mahou came to Fantasticfy with the need to create an Ecommerce for his new line of business Grifo en casa. To do this, they needed to have an ecosystem that would allow them to manage sales, automated rentals (Durán 72h), centralized stock for their 60 operating bases, and control management by locations. In addition, all this required integration with its ERP Salesforce system where stock, orders and customers will be synchronized.

The solution

UX/UI design

Our designers worked closely with the Mahou team to achieve a minimalist and effective design. Very focused on its target and super intuitive in Mobile to increase sales.

Custom theme

For Mahou, a personalized Theme was made from scratch to have a unique experience, greater performance and exclusive functionalities both for its control by locations and for its rental system.


In order to execute all the business logic, several custom applications were developed in Shopify to: Control the stock of 60 operating bases. Geolocation control of customers. Automated booking to allow reservations of 72 hours. Shipping logic through a Shipping application to assign the carrier.

Custom Checkout

The Mahou Grifo Checkout at home is prepared to only obtain orders that correspond to the availability you have. To do this, Checkout has been modified through Shopify's Checkout UI Extension to communicate with the availability application and be able to have full control.

Integration with Salesforce

Complete synchronization with the ERP Salesforce from Shopify Plus where the stock and orders are synchronized, informing all your BBOOs.

Ongoing maintenance

Continuous maintenance and improvements of both the theme and the applications developed.

The result

Availability popup

Zip code popup so customers can see if there is availability in their area. Everything is controlled through a custom Shopify app and the popup is injected with Shopify's Theme App Extension.

Zip Code Popup with Theme App Extension - Grifo mahou en casa

Custom product page

The product page of Grifo en casa Mahou is designed to have two types of products: Purchase or rental. In both, the client can select if he wants to add extra barrels. All of this is controlled by the Fantasticfy developed application that is capable of controlling all the stock from multiple Shopify Plus locations.

Personalized product page - Grifo Mahou en casa

Availability locator

Personalized page within Shopify where the Mahou team can edit their availability locator. Said locator has been automated so that once they open a new branch within Shopify, activate it, it will appear on the map. The map has been created through the Theme App Extension

Availability locator - Grifo en casa Mahou

Automated bookings

Development of an Application in Shopify to automatically manage the availability of rentals. All this is carried out through a script that is capable of auto-calculating the dates taking into account the duration of the rental, which is 72 hours.

Personalized application to manage bookings - Grifo en casa Mahou
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