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The big challenge

Le mini macaron went to the Fantasticfy team to improve its Ecommerce. They had two very localized problems: The performance of their Theme was very bad and they had hardly any customization, which meant that the content team had no freedom to edit it. The second was to be able to expand Shopify's functionalities. As creation of custom Bundles.

The solution

Custom Theme

The Le mini macaron team was looking for a new Theme that would allow them to have independence when editing your front end and have good performance. At Fantasticfy we got to work and with the basis of the Theme Prestige from the Shopify Theme store, we began to create all the personalized sections, with exclusive sections for both Desktop and Mobile. Good practices were also implemented to obtain good performance.

Custom Apps

Le mini macaron needed to create custom bundles and the stock of the bundle to be independent to have full control. For this reason, an application has been developed with all the functionality required by the team and all the necessary customization has been added so that the content team does not need a developer.


With the development of the new Theme, all the technical SEO necessary to improve positioning has been implemented.

Ongoing maintenance

New improvements are continually being developed to increase the average ticket and implementing the new functionalities offered by Shopify Plus

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If you want to migrate your current Ecommerce to Shopify or Shopify Plus, you need to extend your business logic with a Shopify app, you need a custom theme, you want to make the leap to the latest generation with a Headless or need consulting, don't doubt to contact us. Our team of experts are waiting for advise you in the best way.

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